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New Chairman of the GEMINI Investment Committee

Dr. Wilfred Stoecklin is taking over the position of Chairman of the GEMINI Investment Committee. He succeeds Bernhard Moser who had been a member of the Investment Committee of the GEMINI Collective Foundation since the start of 2007 and had acted as its...



GEMINI puts the employee benefits unit Pensions on a sound footing.

In response to rising life expectancy, consistently low interest rate levels and ongoing demographic developments, the GEMINI Collective Foundation has commissioned a study which shows that the employee benefits unit Pensions faces a funding gap of 1.5% p.a....



GEMINI Collective Foundation presented with award for 1e solution

The pension fund comparison of the SonntagsZeitung (Swiss Sunday paper, issue 11 June 2017), the GEMINI Collective Foundation was awarded a prize for the most cost-effective 1e pension solution. The costs for the GEMINI solution were more than 50% lower than...



2016 was another successful year for GEMINI Collective Foundation

2016 Annual Report



Customer satisfaction survey

How satisfied are the employee benefits units under GEMINI’s care? In September 2016, we commissioned amPuls Market Research AG to find out what 221 employee benefits units think on this matter. With 112 units returning the completed questionnaire, the...



The GEMINI Collective Foundation is moving

As of 17 October 2016, the GEMINI offices can be found at Zollstrasse 42 in Zurich. With the new premises located in the Railside property directly beside the main station, GEMINI is staying loyal to District 5. We will occupy the top three floors together...



Alain Grand is the new Head of Sales

Alain Grand is the new Head of Sales of the GEMINI Collective Foundation. He will be responsible for broker support and the processing of offers and new affiliations with immediate effect. The 48 year-old lawyer and Master of Business Administration has...


Good result thanks to prudent investment positioning

Investment Report as per 30 June 2016



Brexit – the British electorate voted against remaining in the EU on 23 June 2016

Brexit On 23 June 2016, the British electorate voted on whether or not the UK should remain in the EU. In the early hours of 24 June 2016, the positive vote of the electorate in favour of “Brexit” became increasingly clear. In the final result, around 52% of...



GEMINI wins 1st price for lowest risk and administrative costs

SonntagsZeitung – pension fund review



A challenging 2015

2015 Annual Report



Key data, valid as of 1 January 2016

Key data of the occupational pension provision, valid as of 1 January 2016



Situation on the bond markets remains tense

Investment report as at 30 June 2015



Equities flying high thanks to loose monetary policy

Investment report as at 30 June 2014



Equities on the rise

Investment report as at 31 December 2013



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