GEMINI Collective Foundation presented with award for 1e solution


The pension fund comparison of the SonntagsZeitung (Swiss Sunday paper, issue 11 June 2017), the GEMINI Collective Foundation was awarded a prize for the most cost-effective 1e pension solution. The costs for the GEMINI solution were more than 50% lower than those of the most expensive provider.

For the 12th time in a row, the consulting company Weibel Hess & Partner has compared the most important community and collective foundations on behalf of the SonntagsZeitung. For the first time this year, 1e pension plans were part of the comparison and the GEMINI Collective Foundation is the foundation with the best performance in this comparison. The differences in costs were huge: The costs for the 1e pension solution of GEMINI were more than 50% lower than those of the most expensive provider.

Says Stefan Sadler, Managing Director of the GEMINI Collective Foundation: “There is an ever growing tendency towards individualisation in the field of occupational pension provision and as a consequence we see a lot of potential in the area of 1e pension solutions. That’s why we are very pleased to be the clear winner of the SonntagsZeitung’s comparison.”

1e pension plans offer pension solutions for executives in the non-mandatory field. Members themselves can determine the investment strategy for those salary components which exceed the threshold of CHF 126,900. GEMINI 1e offers members a choice of 6 different investment strategies that can be changed on a monthly basis.

Read the pension fund comparison 2017 of the SonntagsZeitung (PDF, in German).