GEMINI Collective Foundation

We offer solutions for all customer needs.


GEMINI gives clients substantial creative freedom in terms of pension plan parameters - all the way from investment strategies to additional interest. SMUs with executives earning more than CHF 126,900 a year can contact their collective foundation to discuss the introduction of so-called ‘1e plans’.



Our flexible financing models allow our clients to determine their pension parameters, including contributions and investment strategy, and optimise their tax situation. GEMINI offers individual customer support that is tailor-made for each employee benefits unit.

At GEMINI, we provide specific information for each individual client; annual accounts are drawn up at the level of the employee benefits units, the savings bank statements can be traced back to individual members and additional detailed investment analysis is available.

GEMINI is not associated with any bank or insurance company. The Board of Trustees is composed of clients’ representatives and independent experts. With the board choosing the service providers, clients can rely on high-quality services at fair market prices.



Employee benefits units
The employee benefits units function just like autonomous pension funds. GEMINI draws up separate annual accounts for each client, including a balance sheet and income statement as well as an individual coverage ratio calculation. The savings bank statement allows our clients to trace account movements back to the individual member. Clients are regularly updated on the foundation’s activities to assist their decision-making processes. 

Investment pools
GEMINI’s four investment pools distinguish themselves through different equity shares. The majority of our clients invest in the GEMINI Pool 20 which has an equity share of 20%. The GEMINI Pools 35 and 50 are associated with higher long-term returns as well as higher price fluctuation risks arising from their increased equity share. With a zero percentage of equities and a substantial weighting in Swiss real estate, the GEMINI Pool 0 focuses on stability and risk minimisation. Clients may change investment strategy twice a year.  

Pension benefits
GEMINI is also allows for substantial flexibility in the benefit regulation design. Clients may, for example, grant bridging pensions for early retirement, individually decide whether to offer lump-sum payments or pension payments and set the level of disability pensions. The extra returns above the expected minimum long-term interest allows for more substantial creative freedom. 

Customer support
Assisted by up-to-date IT systems, our over 30 experts from all pension-related disciplines ensure speedy and accurate administrative processes. GEMINI offers specialised customer support services for HR departments, pension commissions and brokers.



GEMINI has an attractive cost-benefit profile. Asset management costs, in particular, are comparably low. In its capacity as client purchasing pool, the Foundation can bring a substantial total volume to bear in its negotiations with asset managers. Thanks to its institutional fund-based investment organisation, GEMINI is in a position to offer its clients lower asset management costs, more transparency and greater flexibility.

The assignment of external partners to key mandates ensures that clients receive competitive market services and prices.