GEMINI 1e is the modern approach to executive pension provision.

Thanks to GEMINI 1e, your company will benefit from the advantages of pension provision in excess of the legal requirements and position itself as an attractive employer. GEMINI 1e offers your executive plan members greater flexibility when it comes to investing their savings capital. Members have a choice between various investment strategies and participate fully in the performance. All transactions are processed via an online portal comparable to e-Banking.

What are «1e pension plans»?
In the occupational benefits segment exceeding the legal requirements, pension funds may offer their members a choice between various investment strategies. Above an annual salary of CHF 126,900, they may choose the strategy for the salary components that exceed this threshold (segment exceeding legal requirements). In practice, such investments are referred to as ‘1e pension plans’ since they are based on Article 1e of the Ordinance on Occupational, Retirement, Survivors’and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2).





Choice of six investment strategies

GEMINI 1e offers your members a choice between six different investment strategies which they can change every month.


GEMINI Money Market

100% Money Market


GEMINI 1e 30

30% Equities


GEMINI 1e 10

10% Equities


GEMINI 1e 40

 40% Equites


GEMINI 1e 20

 20% Equities


GEMINI 1e 50

50% Equities



Performance over 10 years*

Result in %

Money Market GEMINI 1e 10 GEMINI 1e 20 GEMINI 1e 30 GEMINI 1e 40 GEMINI 1e 50
1 year -1.83 0.99 2.83 5.61 6.97 9.55
3 years p.a. -1.15 -1.09 1.84 2.86 3.41 4.33
5 years p.a. -0.71 2.18 3.11 4.22 5.04 6.09
10 years p.a. -0.12 2.98 3.09 3.27 3.29 3.39


*Back-testing result as per 31.12.2017



Demo films GEMINI 1e

How do I register on the GEMINI 1e online platform? How can I determine my risk profile and how do I change my strategy? Our short demo films provide the answers.


First registration


Determine risk profile


Change strategy