Customer satisfaction survey

How satisfied are the employee benefits units under GEMINI’s care? In September 2016, we commissioned amPuls Market Research AG to find out what 221 employee benefits units think on this matter. With 112 units returning the completed questionnaire, the response rate was 51%.

Overall satisfaction
In terms of overall satisfaction, 71% of the respondents awarded a grade 9 or 10 on a scale from 1 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (fully satisfied). The mean figure is 8.9.

Processing of enquiries
Our staff were given an excellent overall grade of 9.4 for their processing of enquiries. All aspects, from friendliness (9.6), competence (9.5) and availability (9.3) to speed of processing (9.3), received first-rate evaluations.

Service package
The respondents awarded our range of services a high average of 8.5. They rated ‘options/
flexibility of the pension plan’, ‘pension asset investment options’, ‘straightforwardness and transparency of the service range’ and ‘value for money’.

Pension solution in the non-mandatory field
42% of the respondents awarded grades 9 or 10, indicating that their company is very likely to conclude a pension solution in the non-mandatory field. Among customers who have been with GEMINI for over 10 years, the share is as high as 63%.

Suggestions for improvement
Among other aspects, the respondents suggested greater transparency of the annual accounts, a simpler online platform, email notification after changes have been processed, enclosing current information such as interest on retirement assets with the insurance certificate and information events for prospective pensioners. 

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